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Kids in Preschool

Vision and Mission Statements

Our Vision:   
GO boldly and without reservation into ALL the world and preach the gospel helping children DISCOVER who Jesus is.  EQUIP the children of Christ to KNOW Him deeply and give account of what the Savior has done for us.

Our Mission:

Freedom Christian, acting as one body with many parts, reaches the lost, educates and edifies the saints, encourages the weak, and honors Jesus Christ until his return.  We work for the Salvation of the lost, Preparation of the saved, and Exaltation of the Gospel of Christ.

Our Core Values

The Bible is the living Word of God and is our instruction manual for everything we do.

This means: We Know who leads us.

We provide quality education, with excellence, to equip the children of Jesus to carry out His great commission.

This means: Helping children KNOW Him deeply and equipping them to GO without limits.

We embrace that we are one unit in many parts.

This means: We are red, yellow, black, and white, yet all precious in His sight.  And we act as one body within our God given gifts to further the kingdom of Christ.

We Go without limits.

This means: Boldly proclaiming the gospel of Christ, no matter the cost.

We give of our time, talents, and treasures as unto the Lord.  We give our first fruits, our very best to His service.

This means: Being excellent with everything we do as unto the Lord.

We love others over self.

This means: We must decrease, so He can increase.

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